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The golden gates of Rebma stood before us. We passed through them. We entered the city.

Everything was to be seen through a green haze. There were buildings, all of them fragile and most of them high, grouped in patterns and standing in colors that entered my eyes and tore through my mind, seeking after remembrance...

Inside the city, we were conducted up a wide avenue, lighted by pillar flames set at even closer intervals than on Faiella-bionin, and people stared out at us from behind octagonal, tinted windows, and bright-bellied fishes swam by. There came a cool current, like a breeze, as we turned a corner; then after a few steps, a warm one, like a wind.

We were taken to the palace in the center of the city, and I knew it as my hand knew the glove in my belt. It was an image of the palace of Amber, obscured only by the green and confused by the many strangely placed mirrors which had been set within its walls, inside and out. -Nine Princes in Amber

With the exception of colors, the shape of windows and the inclusion of hundreds of odd mirrors, the city of Rebma is the same as that of Amber, except that its layout is reversed and there is only one access point: via the long lighted stair called Faiella-bionin, through the gate carved with its mermaids and dolphins and tritons, deep, deep under the sea.

Rebma is ruled by Queen Moire.

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