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Next, there was a passive countenace of Julian, dark hair hanging long, blue eyes containing neither passion nor compassion. He was dressed completely in scaled white armor, not silver or metallic-colored, but looking as if it had been enameled. I knew, though, that it was terribly tough and shock resistant, despite its decorative and festive appearance. He was the man I had beaten at his favorite game, for which he had thrown a glass of wine at me. I knew him and I hated him. -- Nine Princes in Amber

Morgenstern was six hands higher than any other horse I'd ever seen, and his eyes were the dead color of Weimaraner dog's and his coat was all gray and his hooves looked like polished steel. He raced along like the wind, pacing the car, and Julian was crouched in his saddle-- the Julian of the playing card, long black hair and bright blue eyes, and he had on his scaled white armor. -- Nine Princes in Amber

Julian, Julian, Julian... Is it that I never really knew you? No. Arden's green magic must have softened that old vanity during my long absence, leaving a juster pride and something I would fain call fairness-- a thing apart from mercy, to be sure, but an addition to your armory of traits I'll not disparage. -- The Courts of Chaos

The middle child of Oberon's marriage to Rilga, Julian's name has long been synonymous with the green embrace of Arden. Consequently, many believe that is all there is to Julian, and he is but a glorified forest ranger. He was rarely to be found around the castle and cared for the maneuvering of his siblings only in how it affected him and his domain. Those with eyes see in him the mark of a Knight, True Protector of the Realm, in the armor, the magnificent battle steed, Morgenstern, the hounds who run at his side and the hawks that come to his call. After Gerard, Julian is probably the most noble of them all.

Many wrongly assume that Julian's support of Eric was to retain his place in Arden. But that was never in danger. As a young boy, Julian was naturally taken with the charismatic and outgoing older brother and Eric had a genuine affection for the younger boy, while Corwin was just a pain to both of them. It was Eric that taught Julian how to ride, to hunt and to hawk. Eric's dislike and resentment of Corwin certainly influenced Julian's own opinions of him. Julian has absolutely no idea what game Corwin thinks he beat him in, and is mildly offended at the idea people think him petty enough to carry a centuries long grudge over a game.

Julian honestly believed that Eric was the best choice for Amber when Eric took the throne, and his support was whole hearted. When he confessed to Corwin that burning out the other man's eyes had been his idea, he was honest with the reasons he gave. It wasn't petty vengeance, it was the real fear of Oberon's response on Eric and those that supported him should Corwin have been executed. As far as Julian was concerned, they were even.

It is often overlooked that Oberon held more than one known private conversation with Julian, far from the ears and eyes of his other children, and the topics of those conversations have remained private to this day. Some speculate that the last - held shortly after Oberon had revealed himself to his family and not long before Julian left for Patternfall - was the formulating of a contingency plan to be used only if the unthinkable happened.

Julian's return from the battle of Patternfall was notable to those nearby at the time for his unbridled rage at the conditions he returned to, and the news of the death of Gerard. Rilga's boys had always been closer to one another than the other sets of siblings, and that Gerard, perhaps the kindest of them all, had been murdered by these vile invaders was too much for the usually cool Julian.

Julian and his men routed the enemy from Arden mercilessly, calling on the magic of Arden to assist. The Fire Oaks were particularly vivid that season, the Hellhounds proved that tearing up cars was the least of their viciousness, and the few survivors who escaped still shudder at the memory of a ferocious Morgenstern in battle.

Arden's forces held in the forest. They made no move to enter the fray in Amber, a move which angered many of those fighting in Amber. Any of Chaos who dared try and breach the treeline were dealt with swiftly and silently. It remains so to this day. It is well known that Julian and his remaining brother are involved in the growing Resistance to Chaosian rule, perhaps acting on things said in Julian's last private talk with Oberon. To those who prove true to the cause, Arden signifies a safe haven and stronghold, and Julian a formidable ally.

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