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Golden Circle

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There are 14 in Golden Circle shadows in total.

Three Golden Circle Shadows fought very loyally for Amber and were destroyed (in effect) by the Chaosians: Caladon, Deiga, and Saloun. Saloun has been rebuilt. Two Shadows that supported Chaos have been brought into the Golden Circle to replace the lost ones: Ghenesh and Mitanni.

Aegea - Clytemnestra's shadow - tba

Ægypt - Empire that remained neutral during PatternFall

Begma - Survived the PatternFall War, Civil War and Cold War with Kashfa.

Caladon - Destroyed in the war.

Deiga- Destroyed in the war.

Eregnor - Satellite of Kashfa.

Gaiga - Reserved

Ghenesh - Restored to the Golden Circle after the war.

Kashfa - Emerging powerhouse of the Golden Circle.

Mallihk - Member in good standing of the Golden Circle.

Mitanni - Elevated to the Golden Circle after the war.

Persa and Etrusca - Survivors of the conflict.

Variath - Pleasure shadow and den of snakes.


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