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The Realm of Amber

"...while you were talking back there-about reigning, and Coral a desirable queen. I could get the marriage annulled pretty damn quick, since I'm in charge here. Now, you want her for your queen and I want that Golden Circle Treaty with Amber. I think I see a way to make everybody happy." (Rinaldo to Merlin, Prince of Chaos)

Amber is not just a city, but a world at the centre of all worlds. Hemmed in by Arden and the sea, it exists much as it always has relying on its overseas trade and cordial relations with its neighboring realms. When the city fell, the old alliances collapsed, but new ones sprang as quickly in their place. With Rinaldo in power in Kashfa, much of the diplomatic work was done, though the military clean-up took much longer. Begma remained loyal to Amber and fought a long and determined campaign aided and abetted by Julian and Caine. That once prosperous merchant realm is now ruined, but their puppet government still has little sway over the Begman people. Others took a more pragmatic line and made treaties, since the best of their military had already been wasted in Amber's confrontations with Chaos.

Closer to home, the old noble families gave way to the victorious invaders, but the pattern of life has changed little. The Bayles, Roths, Chantris and countless others are exiled on pain of death and have all but disappeared, but the nobility of Amber is adaptable and enduring. If Random were to return tomorrow he would still recognise many names, if not the faces, at the Council of Estates.

For more about the Golden Circle, follow the link.

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