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Mind spells govern thoughts, emotions, and memories. Intelligent minds are affected by Mind spells, while the minds of beasts are affected only by Animal spells. Normal people often have better than normal resistance against spells of the mind if they are especially dedicated, impassioned, or desperate. ‘Real’ people, like Elders, have a natural resistance to these spells. Because these spells are so innocuous, few people will even realize that they are the target of a magical attack.

First Circle: Initiate

The Transparent Motive (Know Mind)
R: Close/Sight, D: Inst/Conc, T: Ind, A: Inv
Detects the general motive most powerfully influencing the target at the moment. General motives are such things as fear, anger, and greed, not specific things like the desire to look good before one’s superiors.

Etheric Sight (Unveil Mind)
R: Close, D: Conc, T: Ind, A: Inv
Allows the caster to discern the target’s mental and emotional state by reading their aura. The longer they concentrate and the higher the caster’s Academics, the better the reading will be.

Hermes’ Whisper (Cantrip Mind)
R: Close/Sight, D: Inst, T: Ind, A: Non
The spell allows the caster to say two words directly to the mind of a target. The target can recognize your voice and knows that the message is of supernatural origin. Unlike most Mind Spells, this cantrip bypasses most mental resistances and is therefore considered noninvasive.

Second Circle: Apprentice

Morpheus’ Embrace (Rule Mind)
R: Close/Sight, D: Temp, T: Ind, A: Non
The target becomes sleepy and falls asleep within five minutes unless some current need makes wakefulness imperative. The target can resist with a difficult Cool test. A different version of this spell immediately awakens someone.

Chains of Loki (Rule Mind)
R: Close/Far, D: Conc, T: Ind, A: Inv
The caster causes the victim’s limbs to become unresponsive, thus trapping them in place. NOTE: This spell may be easily dispelled, as the victim’s voice is not affected.

Touch of Lethe (Ward Mind)
R: Touch, D: Temp/Sun, T: Per/Ind, A: Non
The spell temporarily removes a memory from the caster’s mind (or the mind of a willing individual), therefore ‘hiding’ it from invasive spells.

Byatis’ Blessing (Veil Mind)
R: Touch, D: Temp, T: Room, A: Non
Although the caster doesn’t fade from the minds of those observing them, they become so innocuous that anyone seeing them will simply dismiss them out of turn. As long as the caster continues to act in a natural and inoffensive manner, they will simply be ignored.

Third Circle: Disciple

Mnemosyne’s Inspiration (Fray Mind)
R: Close/Far, D: Conc/Temp, T: Ind/Group, A: Inv
The caster inflicts their victim with a compelling mental suggestion (i.e., no more than a simple task). At first, the victim suffers a persistent humming noise in their ears. Over the next few moments, this humming becomes a murmur, and then finally a whispered suggestion. The target will feel compelled to carry out that action, just as one might do something to get a song out of their head.

Tendrils of the Lloigor (Fray Mind)
R: Close/Far, D: Inst/Temp, T: Ind/Group, A: Inv
The caster inflicts psychic damage to the victim by causing their neurons to randomly misfire, resulting in painful muscle spasms and other neurological damage. The prolonged seizures caused by the Temporary version of this spell can leave lasting neurological and physical damage or trigger other adverse reactions such as a heart-attack.

Hermes’ Voice (Weave Mind)
R: Close/Sight, D: Inst, T: Ind/Group, A: Inv
The advanced version of Hermes’ Whisper, this spell allows for two-way conversation and the conveyance of thoughts, images, and emotions. Because of the complexity of this, the target must be willing to accept the contact. Note: With an Arcane Connection, the advanced version of this spell can be used throughout a Shadow, much like a Trump.

Thoth’s Clear Words (Perfect Mind)
R: Touch/Near, D: Sun/Moon, T: Pers/Ind, A: Non
Gives the caster or target the ability to reason clearly and understand ideas without the bias or distractions that normally interfere with thinking. A strong commitment to a cause, a strong personality, or a stubborn personality nullifies the effects of this spell. Even a relatively stupid person is able to understand difficult concepts under the influence of this spell.

Fourth Circle: Adept

Mnemoyne’s Song Rewritten (Transform Mind)
R: Close/Sight, D: Inst, T: Ind, A: Inv
Changes the target’s memory of a detail into a similar, though different, memory. The target is no more certain of this manufactured memory than an authentic one, so they may discover strange fabrications to be false.

Visions of Hades (Unweave Mind)
R: Near/Sight, D: Moon/Sea, T: Ind, A: Inv
This spell causes the victim to feel endless despair, anguish, pain, and sorrow. This is a truly horrible spell, for the victim loses almost all motivation and earthly cares. Unless they overcome a severe Cool roll each day, the target has a strong tendency to do nothing but brood.

Body Riding (Compel Mind)
R: AC, D: Conc, T: Ind, A: Inv
By utilizing an Arcane Connection, the caster can share the senses of an unknowing victim, i.e., hear, see, feel, and taste what the victim does. However, this is an entirely passive role and the caster cannot influence the victim in any way. Furthermore, while ‘riding’ the caster’s body is completely unaware of its surroundings.

Fifth Circle: Master

Morpheus’ Eternal Prison (Summon Mind)
R: AC, D: Ritual, T: Ind, A: Inv
Over the period of one lunar cycle, the caster crafts and blesses a mirror, utilizing some arcane connection to the victim (blood or other bodily fluids are preferred). Once the ritual is complete, the caster places the mirror in moonlight. The next time the victim dreams, their soul is rip from their body and trapped within the mirror. Without proper care, the body will soon die. Only by shattering the mirror will the soul return to its former body. Shattering the mirror /after/ the body has died will result in the victim’s death (unless another body can be provided somehow). The mirror serves as an Arcane Connection to the victim, thus allowing the caster to freely 'play' with the prisoner.

Maniae’s Dark Whisper (Dismiss Mind)
R: Touch, D: Inst, T: Ind, A: Inv
The caster recites an arcane chant devoted to the Maniae in the target’s ear. It takes several seconds to speak the sentence, so an unwilling, able-bodied target can physically resist, as well as mentally. Once the curse is spoken, the target must make a serious Cool check or be driven insane.

The Eyes of Brotherhood/Sisterhood (Conjure Mind)
R: AC, D: Year/Perm, T: Group, A: Non
Acting as a focal point for a group, the caster ritually blesses a series of crystals (one for each participant) over the space of a lunar cycle. Once complete, the group gathers and join hands in a ritual circle; each wearing one of the crystals. They recite vows of friendship to one another, each in turn. The caster gathers the emotional energy from this intimacy and channels it into each crystal. For a year and a day thereafter, each companion may freely cast Hermes’ Whisper to the other members (individually or as a group) no matter the distance. By concentrating over the crystal, the holder may discern the emotional state of their companions. The crystals also serve as an Arcane Connection to /all/ the members, so the crystals must be guarded.
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