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Based loosely on Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, The Darkest Hour is an Amber campaign following a group of college students at Faiella University. During the day, they live out normal lives, making good grades, exploring the city, finding part-time jobs, and socializing with their fellow students. However, each character has been touched by the Dark Hour, a strange period of time that exists between midnight and 12:01 AM. While most people are ignorant of this period of timeótheir senses suspended and bodies transmogrifiedóthe characters are dreadfully aware of the world lurking beyond normal perception; a world of darkness, blood, and unspeakable horror. And with this perception comes a heavy burden; the blessing/curse of Persona. Through Persona, each character can access powers and abilities that rival the Elders themselves.

And theyíll need those talents because they arenít alone in the Dark Hour.

Beneath a greenish moon, Castle Amber is replaced by a cyclopean tower known only as Tartarus. Vile creatures called Shadows emerge from its labyrinthine depths to feed upon the minds of Amberís helpless citizens. Those unfortunate to be Ďchosení are left as soulless husks, victims of the so-called Apathy Syndrome.

Can the players unravel the mysteries of the Dark Hour and Tartarus?

Or will the True City fall from a threat it cannot even see?


RPGs & Video Games: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 & 4, Grim Grimoire, Eberron, Grimm, Kult, Everway, Iron Kingdoms, Exalted

Books: Perdido Street Station, Neverwhere, The Iron Dragonís Daughter, Scar Night, Kushielís Dart

Movies: Hellboy I & II, Brotherhood of the Wolf, From Hell, Panís Labyrinth, Prince Mononoke, Howlís Moving Castle

Game Overview

Posts for the game will be conducted tri-weekly; Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Writing style should be in third-person, limited omniscient. Also, please limit your posts; this will be a slow game, so bunnying is discouraged. Unless you need GM interaction, try to limit yourself to three posts per game-cycle. Unless you have written permission from another PC, do not post their actions or reactions to your character. The same goes for most NPCs, as you can never be sure if youíre actually dealing with the person you think you are. Also, although this is a mature game, please donít go overboard (you know how college students are, after all). If 'questionable' material appears in a post, please mark it NSFW.

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