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  • Discuss what sort of character you would like to create. It is important to define your role in the party. See below.
  • Create your character! If you are too lazy or too busy to do this, you may use a pre-generated character, but it is not recommended.
  • Become familiar with the history of the Shadowrun universe.
  • Please try to stay away from spoilers and GM materials.
  • Determine your character's background and personality. If related to another character, try to coordinate.

Basic Runner Types

  • Faces are charismatic individuals — they may be good looking, smooth talking, quick-witted, or just have a great force of personality.
  • Magicians use their force of will and the power of their beliefs to manipulate magic and control spirits.
  • Adepts are the modern-day ninjas and berserkers, using magic to enhance their body’s abilities.
  • Hackers are characters that specialize in computers, and accessing and manipulating data via the Matrix.
  • Riggers are a subset of hackers who focus on using and manipulating modern vehicles and drones.
  • Street samurai are physically enhanced combat monsters.

These basic runner types are just the tip of the iceberg and are not meant to define a set of character classes.


Character Quiz

Now that you have your stats nailed down, take a look at the character quiz!

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