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Hikaru ĎEnakai Saganami was born in Hawaii to Kanae Saganami, a young lady of Japanese-Hawaiian parents and someone Kanae thought was a businessman from the old country. Having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon in Japanese culture and her parents argued constantly about it. Kanae died when Hikaru was still very young. His maternal grandparents wanted nothing to do with him, and gave him up into the care of someone claiming to be Hikaruís father. Hikaru called his 'father' the Old Man, though the Old Man has a regular name.

Hikaruís early years were spent on Honolulu where one would think it a great place to be a kid. And it was, for the most part. Hikaru loved to swim, surf and dive in the ocean; he loves to swim, surf and sail to this day. However, the local kids learned Hikaru was not pure blood Hawaiian and gave him no end of grief over that fact. Hikaru got in many a fight as a youngster, and the Old Man began training him in the martial arts as a means of self defense.

When Hikaru was a teenager, the pair moved to Japan, to a suburb of Tokyo. The Old Man had determined that Hikaru should be exposed to and learn something of his native culture. Hikaru attended regular school there and was soon once again getting into scuffles over his parentage. Not being pure blood Japanese, tends to get the pure bloods looking down on you.

Perhaps because of his heritage, Hikaru soon garnered the attention of the Yakuza and other criminal gangs. Many tried to get him to join their organizations, and when they failed to enlist Hikaru, they tried to coerce or beat him into submission. This did nothing more than cause Hikaruís anger to rise and for his stubborn streak to plant itís feet. He began fighting back against all his enemies. Many a time, a local gang thought to ambush Hikaru only to find the tables turned and discover to their dismay and pain that Hikaru would always find a way or a weapon to use to win the day.

Now in his early thirties, Hikaru has earned black belts in many forms of armed and unarmed combat. He teaches as a guest instructor at many dojos across the world and also as a personal trainer. Many times, he has been asked to found his own dojo, but Hikaru likes to wander and travel the world. He has little need for daily work, for with the death of his maternal grandparents, their sizeable estate came to him.

Heís taken it upon himself to help the downtrodden, the half-breeds, and protect the weak. And while part of him does it because it is the right thing to do, he also does it large part because he gets to pound on the bad people of the world.

I'm thinking of a younger Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa for Hikaru.

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