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1776 years Ago: The Imperial City (then called the City of Gold) founded. Tradition says it as a castrum by a warrior group of Dragon Bloods at the direction of Pasiap.

1112 years Ago: The Empress Unites the Dragon Empire in leading the counterattack to end what would be later called the First Dwimmerlaik War (The Great Dwimmerlaik War)

1110 years Ago: The Empress is crowned in the newly constructed Pantheon in the newly renamed Imperial City. Her Reign officially begins.

816 years Ago: The Empress destroys House Postumia for an attempted rebellion and revolution using Gossamer World troops.

704 years Ago: Mnemon is born, third of the Empress' original children

560 years Ago: The Second Dwimmerlaik War ends. Gossamer Worlds under the Empire's sway are cut off. Some fall and are destroyed, others become independent, like Lookshy?

531 years Ago: Tepet is born, last of the Empress' children. She directs Tepet and descendants toward martial pursuits.

15 years Ago: The Third Dwimmerlaik War begins with the Destruction of the Satrapy of Fragrant Bay

5 Years Ago: The Third Dwimmerlaik War ends. The Tepet Legions sacrifice themselves at the Battle of the Imperial Mountain to stop the Dwimmerlaik final advance

1 Year Ago: The Empress approves a Great Search be conducted for Lost Eggs.

Now: Lost Eggs

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