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Overview of the Dragon Empire

The Dragon Empire is, at its heart, The Blessed Isle. The Isle is roughly the size of the United States in area, and contains tens of millions of inhabitants.

The Statistics for the Gossamer World of the Blessed Isle

The Empire is run by The Empress, who conquered the Blessed Isle during the Great Dwimmerdalk War, what would be later called the First Dwimmerdalk War. The Dwimmerdalk had reached the quarreling, bickering world of the Dragon Empire and had successfully invaded it. The Empress rallied the population, becoming the first person to show a Dragon Blooded Exaltation that also provided the benefits of being a Warden. Ejecting the Dwimmerdalk and aiding in scouring them from the local region of the Grand Stair, the Empress set to building an Empire first on the Blessed Isle itself, and then beyond.

Symbol: White Dragon, Green Field.

Below the Empress are the Great Houses. Five of them are considered far greater than the rest:

The population of a House is as follows:

  • Dragon Blooded Wardens: Dragon Blooded Nobility who can open Doors
  • Dragon Blooded: Members of the Noble Houses who have been chosen by the Dragons and Exalted
  • Patricians: Members of the Noble Houses who have not exalted. Considered minor nobility.
  • Peasants: Freepersons who are not members of a Noble House.
  • Slaves: Serfs and other forms of human bondage, chattel.

A Word on Legions

A word on DistancesintheEmpire

The Calendar of the Dragon Empire.

The Population of cities, towns, villages outside of the Houses themselves are Patricians, Peasants, and Slaves.

The Empire also has vassals, satraps, and allies

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