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Character Creation

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There are two ways to create a character.

  1. You think up a character you wish to play, and then you fill in the character sheet below and then you send it to the Moderator addy.
  2. You have no idea what you'd like to play right now, so you write a request to the Moderator addy asking for a character. It's ok to state "it must be a woman" or "I want a character that's into fighting" if you have special wishes.

We strongly recommend that you use alternative number one. Chances are you'll have more fun that way. But if you really feel you can't make yourself a good character right now, use number two.

If there's anything you wonder about, you'll probably find it in Definitions below. If not, feel free to write to us and ask.

Character sheet







NAME: Just a name. Pick one you like.

AGE: You have to be at least 16. No upper limit. Alien races have to be the equivalent of 16 or more.

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Which planet do you come from? Are you still there, or have you travelled to your current location at some point?

RACE: Human or alien...or maybe a cross? We recommend that you start by playing a human.

SEX: Male or female, basically. Your choice.

HEIGHT: Within reason.

WEIGHT: Within reason.

HAIR: Color and style, please. You can, of course, go to extremes and be totally bald or completely hairy. Just let us know.

EYES: Color and, if you want to comment on it, shape and size.

APPEARANCE: What your character looks like - attractive, or with a limp, a scar on the left cheek etc. You might also want to describe the clothes your characters wears if they further a certain style.

BACKGROUND/HISTORY/ETC: Anything you'd like to tell us about your character and where he/she came from. It's nice if you start by stating a keyword for your PC - like smuggler , prince or dancer , for instance.

SKILLS: You get to pick three skills that you are much better than average at. This is mainly so that the moderators can see what your PC is aiming at. The primary skill is what you are awesomely good at, the secondary is what you're very good at, the tertiary is something that you just do a lot better than average.

This is one of the things that define a PC from an NPC - the PCs are tougher and better than the ordinary person. But if you don't like to play it that way, you can always give your PC odd skills, like cartoon-drawing or keyring-collecting.

Good skills can (but doesn't have to) be: Space Pilot, Space Navigation, Engineering, Diplomacy, Gunplay, Quickdraw, Swordplay, Martial Arts, Sniper, Acrobatics, Multilingual, Playing Cards, Archaeology, Psychology, Driving, Cooking, Business Economy...and just about anything else.

DISADVANTAGE: We want to encourage PCs that aren't altogether perfect. Therefore, please pick a disadvantage. If you like, your PC can of course have more than one (after all, most real people have) but you only need to pick one here.

Disadvantages can be things like: Short temper, drinks too much, limps, has back pains, can't read and write, morose, absent-minded, coward, can't trust people, is terribly ugly, or just about anything else you can think of.

EQUIPMENT: What does your character own? A little freighter perhaps? A cottage? Or just a backpack and some gum? If you can motivate why your character has something, it's ok. The moderators will tell you if you've overdone it...for instance if you equip your space bum with a large estate in Aquila or your go-go dancer with a large deep-space freighter. If you have any questions or need help in any way, please feel free to contact the moderators.

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