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About the Game


The game will center, for the most part, on the Janus station. It was never built for such an event, but is the most logical location for the summit. Because of the fact that it was not built to hold functions, there are myriads of issues- from protocol to security to basic logistics- that will have to be overcome.

The players, no matter what side they are on, will know the urgency of the situation, and that it is very likely to be taken out of their hands, placing a definite negative spin on things, if things are not solved quickly- the Emperor has a direct stake in things here, and is not a patient man when matters of politics interfere with matters of business.

Each players writeup should include some hook- a reason that this is of importance to the character. This can be anything from reasons of job satisfaction to relatives living in the sectors supplied by traffic through this area- the moderators are more than happy to help in developing these motivations.

Keep in mind that the game will center more around use of the mind than brawn- though there will be ample opportunities for conflict, gun bunnies are discouraged.

For more information, see the game rules and creating a character.

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