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Welcome to the adult RPG creative writing group of Galactic Renaissance. This is an adult game. That means there are scenes with sex and violence in them - in short, adult stuff. This is a role playing game. You don't have to be an experienced role player to play this, though. You'll get the hang of it quickly. We have very few rules and we use our creative imaginations rather than dice.

Role playing means that we aim to interact with one another and that it's all right to play a character that is decidedly not a bit like you. It's also all right to play someone just like you. It's up to you. Creative writing means that we let our imaginations roam free. Think of this game like a soap opera script, or maybe a novel. The main difference here is that we are writing it together, as a group, and that we're developing a lot of different plot lines at the same time.

The most important part of this group is: It's here so we can have a lot of fun!!

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