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In 2400 A.D., a group of wealthy merchants, who believed they could trace their diverse lineages to the contrades of Siena, Italy, back on earth, founded a colony on the distant, dusty planet they named Aquila, after a contrade believed long-lost. The merchants, including a family called Lasse, began terraforming the planet, to cultivate it into a vacation paradise for their families. In 2415, an ore was discovered on Aquila, which, in 2417, was implemented as the hull of a new starcraft. The super-strength of the metal, combined with its phenomenal quality of near weightlessness made it ideal for constructing stellar craft, and so turned Aquila into a mining colony of great wealth.

The Emperor at the time made the discoverer of the ore, one Erasmus Niklaus, hereditary lord of Aquila, naming him Duke, and investing him with authority to rule Aquila as he liked, so long as they were all loyal to the Empire.

Niklaus took his authority very seriously. He changed his name to Aquila, to replace the lost contrade, and tie his family forever to the planet, by name. Niklaus Aquila, First of His Name, he made the other families who were helping to terraform the planet his Lords and vassals: Anderon, Hoberty, Bahlmis, Maun, Carlysle, Mountjoy, Lasse, de Mur, Clover, Rostay, Windhaven, Lagoran, Noyen, Martts, Tremontaine, Cavendish, Rutherwold, Silverbridge, Quincey, Ffrench, Burgess, and Oswestry.

He created the current system of government known on Aquila today, though when he founded it, it was more out of love of ceremony than necessity for order. He also established that the capitol city of Aquila, like Siena, would be divided into diverse districts, and that each Lord would base his House in his own district of the city.

House Acciaio

House Anderon?

House Bahlmis

House Carlysle

House Hoberty

House Maun

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