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The Geography of Aquila

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All the action of the game has taken place in Aquila City (and one small mining town called Scar Gill). The planet was about half-terraformed when, sometime after the development of Imperium, the stores of cash the Ducal crown had tucked away finally ran out. Since then, more has been terraformed by the oldfashioned slash/burn/compost with Earth-derived matter but a) it's a slow process and b) they don't really need it for the size of population.

Aquila is a decent sized city (tech level Regency London ... but no guns - the Lasses impose amazingly stringent gun control) and a spaceport (the only one on the planet) fifteen miles away.

NB. The space port gets one ship every six days from Kalkan - plus private vessels - usually only Lasse vessels - occasionally Imperial Couriers (about once a year). All traffic, needless to say, is tightly monitored.

There are no native fauna left on the planet larger than some rather lovely dragon-flies that have adapted and inter-mated with Earth species. But no intelligent life forms. No competition. In other words, if one wished to create and play a native Aquilan . the idea is dismissed out of hand. There are no native Aquilans. It was a bare rock, remember, before the colonists settled . rife with species, perhaps, but nothing remotely resembling the intelligence level required of an Aquilan character.

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