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Fate 2.0

We're using the Fudge-based derivative rules known as Fate 2.0, which is a free download from:

We are not using the 3.0 rules, and to be honest, I'm not a huge rules-monger. They are mostly there to avoid GM fiat for relatively dangerous situations - if you fall to your doom from a cliff in the Andes mountains, its not because I willed it so, for example. There is some randomness involved that adds an element of risk.

E-Mail Lists

The game will be played by email, on a specially set up in-character email list. You will find it at
The game posts will appear here.

In addition, there will be a Chat list for all Out Of Character (OOC) discussions of the game at

Game Information

Please make sure that you read and understand the Posting Guidelines

I'm not going to go into a whole lot of rules about playing in my games, or about PBeMs in general - the four players I selected I have a wonderful history with, and I trust their writing and maturity as people.

For my part, I am always happy to hear suggestions and incorporate ideas into the stories to make them as rich and fun as possible, especially with making them meaningful for your characters' perspective. If you want the evil Fu Man Chu as an adversary, then I'm more than happy to bring that concept into the game.

Please feel free to discuss any real-life concerns that may impact the game (such as your posting ability), or about the game itself, either content or rules. I keep an open ear.

Lastly, the biggest rule of all: have fun! If we're not having fun, we're missing the point :D

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