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1. Black Coffee Squad quarters near the top enough room for 12 dragons

2. Gamma Wing Quarters rises 8 levels each level can hold 12 dragons.

3. Searchling and Hatchling Quarters, can house up to 100 potentials have 4 floors all leading to the hatching sands.

4. Hatching Sands, The Sands are 3 quarters covered with an over hang, Sands are large enough for 6 queen dragons.

5. VIP quarters, Warren lady, Queen Riders and staff.

6. Kitchens and dinning room on main floor, Shops and crafting shops on second and third floor.

7. General Storage area, Also the Library is on the 5th floor and school on 4rth floor 8 Floors in all.

8. Coal Storage here is underground, the appartments above are normally empty. There is a large opening however to allow several dragons in at once.

9. Alpha wing 8 floors each floor can hold 20 dragons

10.Reserved for visiting Dragons and their riders or overflow area. There are 8 floors and each floor can handle 12 dragons.

11.Beta Wing Quarters there are 10 floors and each floor can hold 10 dragons. Beta wing apartments are bigger then any of the others. It is possible to double them up if needed.

12.Near the bottom is a Stable. Near the top is one floor reserved for visiting dragon riders or overflow. The very top is a guard perch.

13.Medical Center for both Dragons and humans. Stone building 3 storys tall. The largers portion is set aside for dragons.

14.Warren Lady Offices.

15.Training Area.

16.The Green, which has a few, trees a lake and a stream that runs down the mountain to the main lake below.

17.Cattle House, also area for the refugees.

18.Burnt out forest to keep Wyverns back from Daere.

General Knowledge

The grey Area is the Crater wall, with ledges for the dragons to perch on. There are also a series of Elevators that run along the walls that allow storage to move up and down. Elevators are powered with large ropes and pulls driving by mules.

Inside the crater walls are stairways and corridors that wind through like catacombs. Dragon rider quarters always open to the inside of the warren and will almost always be the second story up and higher. Lower areas are reserved for those that work in the warren. Wing Leaders will generally be on the upper floors and trainees on the lower floors

Water is supplied through the warren with natural underwater springs and hot springs. Some areas like the upper rooms have large reservoirs of water that trickle down to the lower rooms.

The warren is set up to house 500 dragons and their riders, and 2500 non riders. Currently there is under 300 riders and 1500 non riders and 1000 refugees down by the lake area.""

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