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Daere Warren is one of the more Northern Warrens in the Dragonlands Realm. Being one of the biggest Warrens in the Dragonlands, it is home to three Dragonrider Fighting Wings and the Elite Black Coffee Squadron.

Daere is run by Warrenlady Theadora commonly called 'The Duchess' and her Queen, Galendrial. It is their duty to oversee the protection and safety of the lands around Daere and uphold the trust the Landborn Lords, have put in the Dragonrider's in their fight to keep the lands free of the enemies and wraiths who would destroy them all.

The Warren is supported by tithes sent by the surrounding farms and mines in exchange for the protection they offer. The major Cities nearby are New Triylar and Ranscor. All other cites are now in ruin do to a shadow creatures that now hunts the land.

The Shadow Wyverns have distroyed Triylar the dragon knights have been sent by the king to restore Order and rebuild Triylar now called New Triylar. Most of the Shadow Wyvern have been killed but a few bands still roam about. The leaders that started the destruction have yet to be apprehended however and lurk about ready to start more trouble.

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