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Royal Family

Dworkin? Barimen - Lord of Chaos and Father of Oberon.
King Oberon - King of Amber and creator of the Pattern.
Prince Benedict - Commander of the Armies of Amber and Lord Protector of the Realm.
Prince Eric - Oberon's right hand, defacto seneschal of Amber.
Prince Corwin - He shirked his duties and disappeared into Shadow.
Princess Dierdre - The toast of the Court, she handles all social activities for Amber.
Princess Fiona? - Advisor to the Court.
Prince Bleys? - He shirked his duties, and is a pariah in Amber.
Prince Brand? - He shirked his duties, but his father didn't care. Is a painter and artist extraordinaire- has no care for anything other than his art.
Princess Llewella?
Prince Caine? - He shirked his duties, but again, his father didn't care.
Prince Julian? - Keeper of Arden, and is currently attempting to get an official commission from Amber.
Princess Florimel? - Oberon's newborn daughter, he dotes on her to the consternation of some of her half-siblings.

Other Amberites

Petra aid to Benedict


Prince Nidarb - Masked participant in the Great Tournament


Prince Jared - Participant in the Great Tournament


Baron Robert Montgomery of Kingstown - An older rather rough man.
Baron Hamilton Montgomery of Minetown - Nephew of Robert Montgomery. A untested young man. Now Baron of Rivertown.
Baron Alexander de Marco of Porttown, Governor of Porttown - A good administrator from Amber.
Baron Thomas Harrison of Northtown - A knight who came from Amber with Dominic
Jacob Preston - Ambassador to the Northern City States
Morgan Preston - Deceased. Usurper of the throne of Madagascar. Father of Jacob Preston?.
Baron Albert Morris of Hillsdale - One of Dominic's vassals.


Maro - Sorcerer who works for Eric.
Slave Girl? - A creature given to Dominic by the Ghenesians
God King - The problem on the other side of the pass.

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