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The text in this section is a placeholder based upon memories of what the GM (Scott Acker) revealed to his players in the DragonCon 2006 start of this game.

This campaign has been run in one form or another several times by Scott, with varying results. For the most part, the beginning of the game will center around Castle Amber and it's environs for the simple fact that players will not start out with Pattern.

Currently Pattern is an ability possessed by only a few. One has to have more than the Blood of Oberon to walk it- one must also have his explicit permission. This is not a physical prerequisite for the power, it is just that the Pattern room is carefully guarded, and the attempt is a death sentence. If one does happen to take it, then that person will have Oberon as a personal, and very determined enemy- a fate that should not be dismissed lightly.

As for the few that have it, those include Oberon, Benedict, Eric, and Corwyn. Fiona is rumoured to have it, but if she does, it was against the King's wishes. However, she is so useful to the Crown, it is likely she was pardoned, even if he is still quite perturbed at her impertinence.

All of the pieces are in place, all of the players in their parts, it is up to the player characters whether things will change, or whether they will turn out the same. But be wary- the actions of the player characters could actually be what caused things to occur as they did.

Dybele is the current queen, and Flora just born. Oberon dotes on the baby Flora, leaving others somewhat put out by this turn of events. Other things are notably different from Corwin's tales, but be assured, this is just a pre-state, and over time, they will resemble Zelazny's books, and the questions of why will be answered.

As this is a continuing convention game, the actual play time will take place at DragonCon for the next few years. However, the GM is not opposed to character background run by e-mail, though one should not expect that this will be a regular pbem.

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