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The Plantaxy are mysterious crystals - which crop up from time to time in Shadow. They are meant to have mystical powers although some plantaxy are weaker versions, some are false, and some may be traps.

Plantaxy are clear crystals, that reflect prismatically. They also hold a prismatic fragment within them -which appears a fragment of the Pattern. It is this fragment of the Pattern that gives the plantaxy power.

Plantaxy is the source of character's powers - a focus for them. Only those with Blood of Amber can utilise the crystals - and even then it takes work

The source of the Plantaxy is as yet undiscovered - but may well be discovered during the game


There are no trumps in the Enclaves. Instead those initiated into the art can communicate through songlines. They communicate by walking Patterns (based on the old Pattern). This puts them into a trance (the dreamtime) where they can communicate in others who are attuned.

People with air as an element can do this more easily - they can interpret the dreamtime and get visions from it. As time goes on, all the players will learn to navigate the dreamtime with more confidence - at the start they will be novices.

The songlines can be negotiated through walking - through dreaming (those attuned to air only), through thought (you need to be very, very adept) or - crucially - through music. A certain Pattern of notes, sung or played perfectly, will give access to the Dreamtime - and allow contact to be made.

The danger is that other people with their own agendas can also access the Dreamtime - by visiting it you can expose yourself - unless you know the way through to the other side - and the person you want to meet.

When you are contacted - you hear music (no matter how you access the Dreamtime yourself, or what sort of songlines you use). This music may come in your head (if you're an adept) or will actually, more usually, come through an extraneous sound - a street beggar's whistle, a peal of bells something unexpected - perhaps your lover suddenly humming. You accept the contact by echoing - or completing - the tune yourself.

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