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Power on the Enclaves devolves from the four elements, refined through the use of plantaxy crystals. Only those who possess the Blood of Amber can access the powers inherent in the crystals. To do this, they focus on one of the four elements, and develop their abilities accordingly.

At the beginning of the game, all Enclaves players will start with five elementals each. Later, adepts might extend these powers, to gain more elementals in their chosen element, or to branch into another element.

Elementals may be taken from the list below - but I am hoping players will develop their own ...

This page will then form the definitive list. Elementals are divided accordingly:

Aeromancy: The Power of Air and Dreams
Aquamancy: The Power of Water and Potions
Pyromancy: The Power of Fire and Destruction
Geomancy: The Power of Earth and Crystals

Here are some examples of elementals. They are not to be taken as limits on what the powers are capable of.

Aeromancy: The Power of Air and Dreams

  • Will 'o' Whisp
    Creates a ball of light that floats around at the caster's direction.
  • Zephyr
    Enough to blow out a candle or knock over small items.
  • Aerodrawing
    Draw lines and words in the air.
  • Word's Breath
    Carries a message within a given radius (e.g. a city), along a gust of wind.
  • Magewind
    A semi-intelligent gust of wind, usually used to propel a sea vessel.
  • Raven's Wings
    Strong winds literally lift the mage and carry him/her elsewhere.

Ideas on dream elementals welcomed

Aquamancy: The Power of Water and Potions

  • Conjure water
    Conjure drinkable water
  • Arcane mist
    Create an area of mist.
  • Love potion
    Formulate love potion
  • Healing Balm
    Formulate a potion of healing.
  • Call Rain
    Conjures rain in the area. This is not an actual storm, but rain in a localized area.
  • Truecurrent
    A semi-intelligent current in the water that can carry an object through the water to any desired location.
  • Acid mist
    Same as Arcane mist, except that the mist is caustic.

Pyromancy: The Power of Fire and Destruction

  • Light
    Creates a small flame at the tip of the finger. Useful for lighting pipes and campfires.
  • Fire Writing
    Draws on any surface, or in mid-air, using a line of fire. Can be a picture or actual words.
  • Fist of Flame
    Engulfs the fist (or anything held in the fist) in flames. Useful as torchlight or to make a flaming weapon.
  • Arc of Fire
    Shoots a stream of flames at a target.
  • Wall of Fire
    Creates a wall, circle, or dome of fire.
  • Fireproof
    Able to walk over burning coals
  • Fire Reach
    Able to reach a hand in to the heart of a fire

Geomancy: The Power of Earth and Crystals

  • Gaia's Ears
    Allows the geomancer to listen to the ground and determine much about things in the area.
  • Crystal Song
    Creates a chiming effect from crystals. With practice can be quite beautiful.
  • Crystal Scribe
    Causes a crystal to record sounds or thoughts.
  • Downsliding
    Alters the ground slightly so that the caster is always moving downhill.
  • Silver Charm
    Protects bearer from one specific threat. Either one-use or partial protection.
  • Mountain's Strength
    Strengthens an object or structure to withstand stress.
  • Friend o' the Land
    Makes the person permeable to one earthy substance: iron, stone, earth, etc.
  • Mould Earth
    Makes an area of earth shape itself into whatever form the caster desires. (but inanimate)
  • Golem Creation
    Makes a golem. Clay, Stone, and Iron are common.

Only those aligned to the element of Earth would be able to mine Plantaxy crystal; only those aligned to the element of Fire would be able to carve Plantaxy crystal; only those allied the the element of Air would be able to infuse it with Power, and only those allied to the element of Water can successfully resist another wielding Plantaxy crystal.

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