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Martin, Crown Prince of Amber (theoretically)

He was several inches taller than Random, but of the same light build. His chin and cheekbones had the same general cut to them, his hair was of a similar texture. -- The Hand of Oberon

The man I regarded upon was half familiar--meaning of course, that he was also half strange. Light, straight hair, a trifle sharp-featured, a small smile, somewhat slight of build. -- The Hand of Oberon

"After I left Benedict's, I traveled for years in Shadow," he said. "Those were the happiest times I have known. Adventure, excitement, new things to see, to do... In the back of my mind, I always had it that one day when I was smarter and tougher--more experienced--I would journey to Amber and meet my other relatives..." -- The Hand of Oberon

Martin is played by Christian Slater

The product of Random and Morganthe, daughter of Queen Moire. Morganthe committed suicide after Random abandoned her, or so the Rebman court tells the tale. Martin was able to walk the Pattern in Rebma and escape life at court. Years later, Brand? attempted to murder him through a Trump connection to damage the Pattern. Benedict took in the injured Amberite, and gave him some measure of training. It is said he later made his way near the Courts of Chaos, where he met Dara.

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