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AboveUsTheWaves Basic facts
This game will centre, for the large part, on Rebma.

Random has been King for fifty years. Throughout those years, he has been married to Vialle - but they have no children. About three months ago she returned to Rebma on a visit; she has not yet returned.

Moire is still Queen of Rebma - although some say that the real power in the undersea kingdom is her sister Maub.

None of you have ever visited Rebma (although it is possible that some of you are Rebma-philes, fascinated by the tales and the history). Some of you, of course, may be Rebma-phobes.

Each of you has one better-known sibling who is more witty/more glamorous/more courageous/more adept (up to you). You should describe them in your character creation too.

For more information, see the Game Rules and Creating a Character

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